Latest CPA News

Meet the New Associate Director at the Community Preservation Coalition
The Community Preservation Coalition is pleased to introduce our new Associate Director, Alison Leary.
Town of Braintree Seeks Community Preservation Manager
The Town of Braintree is looking to hire a CPA Manager to support their town's implementation of the Community Preservation Act
November 2016 Statewide Trust Fund Distribution Announced
The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) has released the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution for each CPA municipality. The revenue from this year's trust fund distribution comes from the recording fees collected over the past 12 months at the state's Registries of Deeds.
CPA Adoption Update: Dedham on the Ballot
Dedham became the first community to advance CPA to the ballot for spring of 2017 after their annual Town Meeting on November 14th.
Election Day 2016 Coverage - 11 New Communities Vote to Adopt CPA
It was an historic night for CPA, as a record-high of 11 new communities voted to adopt the Act.
Photos from CPA Campaigns Leading Up To Election Night
Just as we highlighted some photos from the campaign trail over the last month, we've also put together some great looks at CPA campaigns leading up to the final results on Election Day!
CPA Advocates Canvassing Across the State
Despite the cold weather that's recently arrived, local advocates in 16 communities have been hard at work promoting CPA and educating voters.
Local Campaigns are Utilizing Online Tools to Advocate for CPA
With only one month left until Election Day in November, we wanted to highlight some of the local campaigns as they are working towards educating their communities on the CPA program.
Kathy Roth Announces Her Departure; Coalition Seeking to Fill Associate Director Position
After 11 years of service, Kathy announces that she intends to step down from her position as Associate Director of the Community Preservation Coalition
Acton Update: Town May Proceed With Historic Preservation Grants
After a court hearing on September 14th, the request for a preliminary injunction to prevent the town of Acton from using CPA funds for historic religious buildings was denied.
CPA Adoption Update: East Bridgewater and Palmer on the ballot
Palmer and East Bridgewater become the final two communities that will be voting on CPA adoption on Election Day later this year.
CPA Update: Amesbury, Watertown, & Wrentham on the Ballot
Amesbury, Watertown, and Wrentham advance CPA to the ballot this year after succeeding in having petitions signed by the required 5 percent of their respective communities' registered voters.
CPA Update: Billerica on the Ballot
Billerica became the eleventh community to advance CPA to the ballot this year after succeeded in having a petition signed by the required 5 percent of the town's registered voters
CPA Adoption Update: Pittsfield on the Ballot
Pittsfield became the tenth community to advance CPA to the ballot this year after their City Council passed a vote in favor of CPA.
Lawsuit Filed Against Acton's Use of CPA Funds on Historic Religious Buildings
The town of Acton has recently been sued by 10 taxpayers from Acton representing the Americans United for Separation of Church and State in an attempt to stop the town from using their CPA funds on projects for local churches.