Latest CPA News

Can CPA Fund Private Projects?
Have you ever wondered if CPA funds can be used to fund projects on privately-owned property?
Newbury, Otis, Manchester Continue CPA Winning Streak
Last night, voters in Newbury and Otis moved the question of CPA adoption to their next regularly scheduled election ballots.
Senate Passes CPA Amendment Including $10 Million for Trust Fund
On the first day of the Senate's budget debate, the CPA Amendment (Redraft OTH #4) passed 39 to 0.
Spring 2014 CPA Town Meeting and Election Results Recap
It has been an exciting and optimistic spring for the Community Preservation Act.
Conway Employs a Creative Idea to Increase Their CPA State Match
Conway voters approved a surcharge increase from 1.5% to 3% at their spring ballot election. In addition to boosting their locally generated CPA revenue, the measure also fulfills a unique plan to dramatically increase Conway's distribution from the statewide CPA Trust Fund.
Senate proposal did not include CPA funding, Amendment filed for $25 million
Although the House budget included a transfer of $25 million from the FY14 budget surplus to the CPA Trust Fund, the Senate Committee on Ways and Means did not include the CPA funding in their budget proposal, released yesterday.
Voters in Boxborough Move CPA Question to Ballot Vote
CPA advocates in Boxborough celebrated a Town Meeting success
Despite Recession CPA Helps Communities Stay Afloat
In the wake an economic downturn, the following article from The Enterprise discusses the positive impact of CPA funds in towns across the Commonwealth.
Voters in Egremont and Arlington Send CPA to the Ballot
Two More Towns Move CPA Surcharge Increase to Ballot Vote this fall
Last night, two more communities voted at their Town Meeting to place a CPA surcharge question on their town's next regularly scheduled election ballot.
CPA Adoption activity heats up with approaching spring town meetings
After a long cold winter, the spring forecast for CPA is looking pretty bright. Six communities will put CPA on their Town Meeting or City Council warrants in coming months, and one community will vote to adopt the Act at their spring election
House Approves State Budget; $25 million for CPA included
fter three days of marathon sessions, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed their version of the state budget, including $25 million in funding for CPA.
Marblehead Ramps Up Campaign Effort
Marblehead CPA advocates have begun to ramp up their effort to educate local residents about the benefits of the Community Preservation Act. To this end, the Marblehead CPA Committee recently rolled out a new website, Preserve Marblehead, to host information and cajole collaboration.
Manchester Passes First-of-its-Kind Surcharge Increase at Town Meeting
Yesterday, the Town of Manchester got one step closer to realizing a 60+ acre community preservation project to provide the town with new athletic fields and more than 40 acres of conservation land.
House Ways & Means Budget Includes $25 Million for CPA
We've cleared the first hurdle in our campaign to renew the $25 million for the CPA Trust Fund! The House Committee on Ways and Means released their state budget proposal today, and it included a $25 million transfer from the FY14 budget surplus to the CPA Trust Fund.