Success Stories

Lexington’s Douglas House for Brain-Injured Adults Exemplifies CPA Adaptive Reuse
Five years ago the town of Lexington launched an award-winning community preservation project that encapsulates three CPA pillars and continues to enhance the lives of individuals and the local community.
CPA Development Keeps Provincetown Affordable For Year-Round Residents
In a market driven by competitive vacation-based real estate, year-round Provincetown residents have long struggled to find affordable housing options.
Preserving Abigail Adams’s Birthplace: CPA helps rescue Weymouth’s “Hidden Gem”
The first lady and wife of the nation’s second president, Abigail Adams was born and raised in a two-story saltbox-style home in North Weymouth. Until recently, the future of this historic site, museum, and national treasure was in question due to its diminishing condition.
Fort Hill Veterans' Housing, Hingham
Finding housing for veterans has become a growing challenge in the Commonwealth. But one South Shore town is tapping their community preservation funds to make sure veterans have an affordable place to live.
Habitat for Humanity, Martha's Vineyard
Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds recently helped a family of four secure permanent affordable housing on Martha’s Vineyard.
Elmwood Farm, Hopkinton
CPA funds have helped to conserve the Historic Elmwood Farm in Hopkinton, protecting farmland for future agricultural use, preserving an historic stop on the Underground Railroad and opening up 81 acres of forestland to the public.
Needham Town Hall: Largest CPA Project Ever Tackles Complex Financing Issues on Path to Rehabilitation
The largest appropriation of CPA funds for a single project was recently approved by residents of Needham. At Town Meeting in May, residents gave their stamp of approval to the Community Preservation Committee's (CPC) recommendation to restore Needham Town Hall, using $15 million in CPA funds
Sweetwilliam Farm, Upton: An Alternate Path to Town Meeting Approval
At a special town meeting on January 11, 2011, Upton residents voted by a slim margin to approve the purchase of a CPA project that just weeks before appeared impossible – the purchase of a 60-acre portion of Sweetwilliam Farm.
Ames Shovel Shop, Easton
Years from now, Easton residents enjoying a vibrant downtown may not know that they have the historic Ames Shovel Shop CPA project to thank for their beautiful town center.
Forge Pond Park, Hanover
Hanover’s Forge Pond Park, financed entirely with CPA funds, will be the largest recreational complex on the South Shore when complete. Hanover took an uncommon approach to the project, using CPA funds to purchase land for active recreation, and then building outdoor recreational facilities on the property.
Gillett Cigar Factory, Southwick
With the help of CPA funds and a group of determined local preservationists, the town of Southwick succeeded in a race against the clock to save what is probably the last surviving cigar factory in the Connecticut River Valley.
Benfield Farms, Carlisle
Carlisle's Benfield Farms, an exemplary ground-lease, mixed-use CPA project, has benefited from Carlisle’s dedication to the holistic planning of the land, and the creation of separate restrictions for each use.