Success Stories

Eliakim's Way, West Tisbury
West Tisbury, a small community on Martha’s Vineyard, has used its CPA funds to develop a number of affordable housing options for residents over the years, but its recent Eliakim’s Way project challenges the convential wisdom on community housing.
Northampton Community Farm & Florence Recreation Fields
In the 19th century, former slave, abolitionist, and preacher, Sojourner Truth, farmed this 181-acre parcel containing of some of the richest farm soils in the world.
School Employee Housing, Nantucket
Twelve units of affordable housing were built specifically for Nantucket's teachers.
Declaration of Independence, Mendon
The town of Mendon used CPA funds to restore their copy of the Declaration of Independence, dating back to the 17th century.
Windrush Farm, Boxford and North Andover
The conservation of Windrush farm protects critical habitat for rare and endangered species, water quality of the Ipswich River, and public access to a network of trails knitting together 1,800 acres of contiguous, conserved land.
89 Oxbow, Wayland
In a great example of beating swords into plowshares, land that once housed lethal missiles is now the location of an impressive green affordable housing development, funded in part by Wayland’s CPA program.
Clipper City Rail Trail, Newburyport
This three-mile bicycle/jogging trail created with CPA funds runs through downtown Newburyport and in a complete circle around the city.
East Street Ciak Property, Easthampton
This CPA project allowed fourteen acres next to Mount Tom to be permanently protected. The city of Easthampton partnered with the state to acquire this property, which will be used to enlarge Mount Tom State Reservation and as a site for a new affordable duplex for the city.
Historic Library Rehabilitation, Cohasset
The Paul Pratt Library rehabilitation project has allowed an unused historic library to be repurposed for use by the Cohasset Historical Society and senior affordable housing.
Angino Farm Acquisition, Newton
This 2.25 acre property, though small in size, includes a historic barn and farmhouse and embodies 350 years of local agricultural history. Had the town not acquired the property, it was slated to become a $3.75 million condominium development.
Historic Library Preservation, Lenox
Using CPA funds, the town of Lenox was able to purchase the historic Lenox library from a private library association in financial trouble.
Thacher Island Preservation Project, Rockport
Thacher Island, with its twin 19th century granite lighthouses, is a National Historic Landmark – one of fewer than 2,400 in the nation. This CPA project involved rehabilitation of the Whistle House, also called the Fog Signal building, along with other structures on this historic island